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How to Download Videos from Pinterest by Using ? Follow These Easy Steps!

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For those of you who like to create digital content, of course, you are familiar with Pinterest. This social media platform is often used to access interesting pictures and videos. Before talking about how to download videos from Pinterest, let us talk about the platform itself.

Pinterest itself is a virtual pinboard site that allows someone to upload visual content in the form of images, illustrations, and videos. These contents can be put into several categories. 

For example, if you like to take photos of food, then you can pin the photo with the name Delicious Culinary or something like that. The features on Pinterest are very helpful if you want to find ideas for digital content creation.

If you want to know to save the content for offline viewing, you can try using the Pinterest downloader. Here's a tutorial on how to download videos on Pinterest for free. 

What Are Pinterest Videos? 

The Pinterest platform is a popular social media that is often used to collect photos and other visual creations, including videos. You can access them through the Pinterest site and app.

Pinterest videos are content in the form of a video that's uploaded to the platform. Uploaded videos can be included in the Pins you create. 

The Pinterest video Pin feature is a Pin that allows you to convey a message or story more comprehensively using visual and audio elements. Uploaded videos can be up to 15 minutes long.

You can also upload video ads on Pinterest to encourage more audiences, as well as a promotional tool for your business. Not surprisingly, many Pinterest users upload short videos for branding purposes. In short, you can upload video content on Pinterest, or you can also save videos from the platform as inspiration for your content.

How to Download Pinterest Videos Without an Application 

The Pinterest application itself has lots of visual content uploads that are interesting, unique and can be a reference for ideas for creating digital content. This includes Pinterest videos. 

The question is, how to download Pinterest videos? 

Actually, the steps to download Pinterest videos are very easy. Even if you can't download them on the site, you can still use the Pinterest app to save videos and photos.

Before trying to use any apps to download videos from Pinterest, we highly recommend using the online video downloader, which usually doesn't require you to download any application or follow any registration process. 

Commonly, these downloaders are made in the form of websites so that they can be accessed through various devices. Since it's basically compatible with any device, you can easily use smartphones, desktops, or tablets to use them.

Now, here's what you need to do to use the Pinterest video downloader:

  1. First, pick any video downloaders you want to use, like, for example.

  2. Then, find the video you want to download on Pinterest

  3. Click Share, and then copy the link to that particular video.

  4. And then, open the site of the downloader, and paste the link there

  5. Select any format you wish, and finally click download

  6. Then, the file will be downloaded immediately to your device.

See? It's easy, right? You can always use these downloaders if you want to download any content from Pinterest. 
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