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A warm welcome from Keepflick to all the readers and writers interested in the world of technology. We are a fast growing company concentrated on the new and trending technologies and applications, helping our readers go smoothly with social media platforms and new technologies. So, if you are also a techie guy interested in showing off your technical skills with your blogs, you have hit the right place.

Keepflick is a growing, technologically-inspired, and a supporting platform for tech lovers. The blog section of Keepflick is a bucket full of information about the new technologies, technical tips, latest Internet of Things, and many more technical applications and softwares. The main aim of our blogs section is to deliver quality and fact-based information to tech enthusiasts and make their technical knowledge stronger. Moreover, we also open our blog section for our guests who are equally tech lovers as we are and want to deliver their knowledge to people for their benefit. For our guest bloggers, we have several categories so that each blogger can deliver their blogs in their specialized category.

You can contribute your blog by sending Email keepflick@gmail.com

Categories For Guest Blogger To Deliver Their Blogs

Keepflick is a tech-driven company and so accepts blogs only based on technology. We have tried to include all the latest technical topics for our guest bloggers. Here is the list of category in which you can submit your blog as a guest blogger on Keepflick:

  • Technology
  • Technology Tips
  • Entertainment
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Online Innovation
  • Mobile Technology
  • Computer
  • Game
  • Internet of Things(IOT)
  • Trending Gadgets
  • Technology Business
  • Information Technology
  • Upcoming Technology Trends Of Present And Future
  • Web Hosting
  • Social Media News & Tricks
  • Online Tools & Application
  • Softwares

How Will You Get Benefitted By Becoming Keepflick’s Guest Blogger?

Our guest blogger section is for the newbie finding an established page to show off their blogging and technical skills and attract interested readers. So, we provide you the established website, Keepflick’s blog page to write and reach potential readers. When you submit your technical blog with Keepflick, you get into the reading list of tech enthusiasts. Moreover, with us you have the great scope to enhance your writing skills and increase your technical knowledge by reading other bloggers’ work all at one place. While writing blogs for Keepflick as a guest blogger, you are expanding your outreach and increasing your target audiences’ list for the future.

Rules You Need To Follow While Submitting Your Blog

Keepflick is a trusted and respected website among the techie guys and thus, maintains a proper strategy for all its blogs. So, we have also structured a set of rules for you, guest bloggers so that our audiences get what they expect from our blogs. Here are the set of guidelines that you need to follow while preparing and submitting your blogs and what we will provide:

  1. Your content length must be between 800 to 900 words.
  2. We will provide you, our guest bloggers 2 dofollow links.
  3. We only accept paid guest blogs so, you need to do the payment after your blog post live.
  4. You must submit the content that is informative and plagiarism free.
  5. Your content must be easy to understand, i.e., write your blogs in simple english.
  6. You will not be paid for submitting the blogs as we do not pay any token to guest bloggers.
  7. Your content will get published within 72 hour and you will be provided with a live link.
  8. All images you use in your blog should be original, licensed or public domain. We do not publish blogs having images with copyright infringement, so please ensure before you share any blog with us.
  9. We are selective about what posts we publish on our website so keep your writing well written, interesting, unique and informative.
  10. If your content relates to drugs, gambling, payday loans or adult websites, we will not entertain them and it will not get published.

What Not To Expect From Our Blog Publishment?

We at Keepflick welcomes guest bloggers to submit their blogs on latest technologies. But, here are some points that we strictly deny and do not send any blog expecting these services from Keepflick:

  • We do not entertain blogs for your marketing and SEO purpose, so if that is the case, do not send us articles for these reasons.
  • We will not publish any blog with grammatical errors at any cost, so check your blogs using good writing tools before forwarding it to us.
  • Do not send us blogs that are unstructured. We only accept good content with high readability.
  • Your blog should not contain plagiarism and must be written by you. Do not share content written by others under your name.
  • We are very specific about our topics and in no way entertain content dripping out of the topic. So, be particular what you write even in blog pieces.

  • Do not send the same query repeatedly. We acknowledge each e-mail carefully and reach back to you once we find the solution to your problem.

Submit Your Tech Blogs

Now that you are aware about the categories we give and the rules and restrictions we have with the blog publication, write your blogs following these rules. Once you are done with your blog and checked if it passes all the lines, send it to us via email. After sending the blog, wait for a while for us to reach you, do not send the blogs repeatedly. Moreover, we do not have any limitation on the number of blogs you share with us unless it is relevant and passes all criteria mentioned above.

So, here you are done with the blog submission part. Now you can expect to get target audiences and expand your outreach. With Keepflick, you make a good market before pitching into the market solely.

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