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General Terms and Conditions

Welcome to keepflick.com, one of the best video downloading tools to download online videos from video streaming sites. This page has been designed to inform the users about our regular terms & conditions. By accessing this web portal, you are bound to follow these terms & conditions. The content and service of this website can be changed at any time if required without informing the user in advance. The terms and conditions of the Keepflick website are used to control all services and activities available through it.


To use various video converter tools such as Facebook Video Downloader, Pinterest Video Downloader, Twitter Video Downloader, LinkedIn Video Downloader, and many more services provided on the website, one must go along with the terms & conditions at all times.

  • The active services on this website are basically designed to keep in mind the user’s needs. You must have agreed with our rules and regulations otherwise you will not authorize it for using our services.
  • We don’t allow anyone to copy, publish, or advertise our service for any business without any written permission of Keepflick.
  • The Keepflick team is empowered to modify the content and services upon its suitability and internal review.


  • Antivirus: The word is used to prescribe malicious software or programs that can harm your operating system.
  • Users: The word is used for the person who will use this web portal.
  • Website: This word is used for “www.keepflick.com”.
  • Content: The word is used to defines all the text, graphics, information, scripts, logos, sounds, and other informative parts that are published on this website.


This content and material on this website has been verified by our company experts.We have tried to provide accurate content and information but we also don’t make any warranty on the website.


Whatever information we are giving you, it tells you how our video downloader tool works. In the near future, we are authorized to modify our services at any time. The Keepflick team continuously strives to provide fast and reliable services as possible. However, we also disclaim the warranty for the speed, accuracy, performance, or suitability of our tool on this website for any particular purpose.