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15 Cool WhatsApp Hidden Features You should Know About It

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Now is the time when we have new innovations and new application idea everyday. The market is always in the race of finding new sustainable applications that guarantee different functionalities all in one along with security. And this demand of the world’s population becomes more strict and confined when it is a messaging application. People share a heck of a lot of their life’s events and experiences with their close ones through these messaging apps. These messaging apps are a quick path of sharing information like financial details and official information, and personal talks and so need extra security. 

The demands of the population have pinched the techies and IT professionals to innovate and develop various messaging apps. However, ever since WhatsApp made its market, it has always been observed as the highest user-holding message application. People have found their confidence and comfort in using the application to share their personal details with their close ones in just a tap. Now when the market is flooded with different types of messaging applications, people still switch to WhatsApp for their regular conversations.

Notable Hidden Features Of WhatsApp That Will Make Your Life Easy

If you are here with us it means you know how WhatsApp impacts our life and are curious to know how it can help us more. So we are going to increase your curiosity and tell you exceptional hidden features of WhatsApp that will enhance your WhatsApp using experience.

12 Exceptional WhatsApp Secret Tricks

Here is a list of twelve exceptionally hidden features of WhatsApp that can increase your security and experience while having personal and professional conversation. 

1. Format The Text Of Your Messages And Add Some Verve To Your Conversation

Who says you cannot express your exact feelings and style with messages when WhatsApp has some cool features to bold, italic, and strikethrough your text. Moreover, it has given you two different ways to do the same work:

  1. use special characters preceding and succeeding your content,

  2. select the content and then select the three dots that appear besides the cut, copy, and clipboard option. After selecting the dots you can easily choose the text format you want from the three. You can even use the ‘Monospace’ option to change the font.

2. Find Your WhatsApp BFF 

Yes you heard it right, WhatsApp has given you the absolutely amazing feature to know who knows the most about you, who is your WhatsApp BFF. To know your BFF you simply have to open WhatsApp > Settings > Storage and Data > Manage Storage. Here you will find with whom you talk the most, who is your media sharing partner, and how much space your person takes in your WhatsApp.

3. You Can Make Your Messages Disappear In WhatsApp Too

Yes the feature, message disappearing sounds familiar. This is a Snapchat feature that even WhatsApp brings with the option of letting the message disappear for a specific person after 24 hours, 7 days, or 90 days after being read. To start this feature, open WhatsApp > Chat of a particular person > Three dots on right above the screen > Disappearing Message.

4. Customize Wallpaper For Particular Chat

We already had the option to customize our chat wallpaper for the complete WhatsApp account. But now you can customize wallpapers for specific chats. Open WhatsApp > Wallpaper > Change. 

5. Hinder Automatic Media Saving For Particular Chats

Not all groups and chats send you irrelevant forwarding messages. So, if you have already turned on your data saver for WhatsApp and stopped automatic media download, you can still allow specific chats to download the media. Open Chat > Contact or Subject at top of display > Save to camera roll > Set Always or Never.

6. Increase The Speed Of Voice Notes

Yes, you can increase the speed of received voice notes easily by open Specific chat > Start the audio > Touch 1x > Select the speed, 1.5x or 2x. Similarly you can decrease the speed from 1.5x and 2x to 1x by touching the speed denoting number. 

7. Archive Or Hide Your Chats

With WhatsApp now you do not need to worry if your personal message is read by your friend or colleague. You can archive the specific chat by Choose the specific chat > Long press the chat > Choose the archive option.

8. Add Dates To Your Calendar Instantly

WhatsApp knows you finalize your important appointments on it. So, it has brought you the feature to add the event to your calendar instantly by tapping on the date that comes underlined. And so your event is planned now.

9. Share Public Invites Personally

WhatsApp has come up with the feature New Broadcast. Here you can easily choose the contacts with which you want to share the message and send them privately without forming a group.

10. Voice Message Is Secret Even Without Headphones

Hearing your voice notes secretly in public places even without headphones is no big dream. You can hear the note by holding your mobile phone like you receive a call and your phone will start playing the audio via the earpiece.

11. Complete Your Payments With WhatsApp

Recently WhatsApp has moved a step ahead to promote the WhatsApp business and also help people complete their daily life tasks from one single app. It has started payments through UPI from the WhatsApp platform itself. Now you can easily complete the payment without struggling with other payment apps.

12. Keep Your Favorite Contact’s Chat On Your Home Page

WhatsApp gives you the option to make a shortcut for your favorite person’s chat. You can easily create a shortcut for the specific chat and keep it on your mobile’s home screen for a quick approach. 

3 More Unavoidable & Exceptional WhatsApp Secret Tricks

Apart from the above-detailed features, WhatsApp has features that make it easily accessible and a great messaging application. Here are the extra three features:

1. Use WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp isn’t limited to the mobile application. Instead, it allows you to use it on the web platform. You can use WhatsApp on the web once you are logged in by the same phone number on mobile.

2. Delete Your Messages For Everyone

The new feature of WhatsApp allows you to correct your mistakes if you have sent any message mistakenly in the next 60 minutes from the sent time. You can delete the message by Selecting the specific message from the particular chat > Select dustbin icon from the top bar > Delete for everyone, and here you are done.

3. Go Incognito From The World

You can easily hide WhatsApp profile pictures from the world and even hide the last time you used WhatsApp. Select Settings > Privacy > Last Seen > Select from the three options of My Contacts, Everyone, or Nobody. Now the world isn’t aware about your usage of WhatsApp.
There are many other hidden WhatsApp secret tricks like starring a message, pinning a specific chat, and many more. Keep reading blogs from Keepflick and learn more about technologies and social media.

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