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Top 10 Smart Home Devices for your home

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Home automation sounds like a cool idea and you must have heard of this concept in recent times. In a world full of technology transformations every day the trend of home automation has become very popular nowadays.

Let's understand what home automation actually means.

Suppose you're at your home and you feel that you need to change the temperature in your room and a remote is placed far away and you just say a smart device to change the temperature of your air conditioner and the device actually does that, sounds cool right? This is what we know as home automation and it is just a small example, you can do so much more using these smart devices whether it is your window curtains or your home security devices, you can use smart devices to automate them all. Let's take a look at ten smart devices that will help you with your home automation.

1. Google Nest Hub Smart Speaker with Display

When it comes to artificial intelligence then Google is way ahead of other competitors if we talk about an all-round performance and the wide range of integration options that it offers. You can find a ton of external devices that support Google assistant and integrate them together to enhance your experience with your smart devices. You can also talk with Google assistant and ask them to help you with setting up a reminder or an alarm and much more. Google Nest speaker also doesn't disappoint you in the sound department and you can also look for affordable options like Google Nest mini if you are on a limited budget.

2. Amazon Echo

The only virtual assistant that can compete with Google assistant for smartness and integration options then it would be amazon alexa. You can purchase an Amazon Echo that is a smart speaker that comes with the smart virtual assistant Amazon Alexa and offers you a host of useful smart devices that you can integrate with it. It allows you to control all the smart gadgets in your home with your voice. You can talk to Amazon Alexa to ask questions or to play a song and it also offers many customization options.

3. The Philips Hue White LED lights

Philips is known for their electronic gadgets and LED lights market. This smart LED light set from physics come with 4 LED smart lights that support assistants like Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Apple's Siri. It allows you to change the color and intensity of the light from anywhere in the world just with your phone. At home, you can use your smart speakers to switch on or off your lights or to change the color of the light. It offers you a complete control over the lights with your virtual assistant or your smartphone enhancing your home automation experience.

4. Google Nest WiFi

Google Nest WiFi is a smart WiFi router that your smart gadgets can rely upon for better connectivity and speed. No smart devices in your home can run without the internet connectivity and if you have a big home then it becomes very tough to find a router that can cover all the devices in your home. Google has a solution for the same in the form of Nest WiFi as it enhances the range of your WiFi and provides continuous good speeds and consistent connectivity to your smart devices.

5. Ecobee Smart Thermostat

Ecobee Smart Thermostat allows you to control your room temperature with the help of your smartphone or your virtual assistants. You can adjust your room temperature from far away with the help of this smart thermostat. It supports Google assistant, Amazon Alexa and Apple's Siri. The best part of this smart thermostat by Ecobee is that it can use the remote sensor in it to adjust the temperature of your room itself. It makes your life much easier by automating the heating or cooling and maintaining the temperature in your home.

6. August WiFi Smart Lock

August WiFi Smart Lock is a complete smart lock that offers all the features you will ever need from a smart lock system. If you are afraid of any technical failure in a smart lock that can lock you out of your home then this is the best option for you as it also allows you to use your physical key with it. It connects you to your smartphone with WiFi and  allows you to assign or revoke virtual keys. It also supports Google assistant, Amazon Alexa and Apple's Siri.

7. Furbo Dog Camera

Furbo Dog Camera is a very useful smart device for those who are worried about their dogs when they are out of their homes. It offers you full hd quality video and the videos are also clear during the night time. It also supports two way audio so that you can talk to your dog from any part of the world. It also gives you advanced features like barking alarms. It can be a very valuable purchase for dog lovers.

8. Yeelight Smart LED Bulb

If you are looking for a smart LED bulb that can offer you all the important features then you don't need to look any further than Yeelight Smart LED Bulbs. The bulb offers you 16 million colors and it is very easy to connect it wirelessly with your smart devices. It supports all the major smart home sets and assistants including Google's, Amazon's and Apple's one. It is dimmable and you can also schedule the light colors and other effects based on the time. It is a perfect light for your smart home set-up.

9. iRobot Roomba s9+

If you are looking for a smart vacuum cleaner and mop that can do all the work on itself then your quest ends at iRobot Roomba s9+. It offers you great suction power and comes with very smart and accurate navigation. The sensors and camera used in this smart home cleaning device are of very high quality. It also comes with artificial intelligence and learns the structure of your home over time. It is capable of cleaning its bin on itself so you don't even need to do that. It is a complete package that you must have if you want a truly smart home experience.

10. Wyze Cam v3

Wyze Cam v3 is one of the best smart cameras for your home and is a very affordable buy too. It offers you 14 days of free cloud storage which is a very rare thing as most other smart camera companies charge you extra for cloud storage. If you want to store the footage in local storage then it comes with an option to use micro SD cards for storage. You can also watch live video from anywhere in the world. It supports two-way audio so you can also interact with people visiting your home when you're away. As we said earlier it is the best smart camera that you can buy at its price point today.

These were our picks for the top ten smart home devices that you can purchase today to upgrade your home to a smart home. You can buy your favorite products from the list above. We have done an extensive research to bring these smart home devices that are reliable and offer an all-round performance. 

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