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Top 15 Coolest things, You Did not Know About Amazon Alexa

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Virtual assistants are becoming very popular options these days. If we talk about the most popular and competent virtual assistants in the world that evolved in the last decade, then no one can take the spots from Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. They have completely changed how we interact with the various gadgets in our home. Many people would be using these virtual assistants for the first time and would not be familiar with the features that they offer. Today we will be discussing, what cool things can Alexa do.

Alexa has been integrated with so many other gadgets in today’s world that the possibilities remain endless for the things it can do. Alexa voice commands can do so many things to make your life easier and more productive. If you are interested in knowing the best Amazon Alexa features, then read the complete article to know some of the coolest things Alexa can do.

Play Your Favorite Track:  

We are all habituated to listening to our favorite tracks while working on something else. It becomes very irritating to reach out to the phone or any other music player to play your favorite track while working. Alexa can help you with that without any hassle. You can simply ask Alexa to play the song with the name of the song, and it will do it for you. Isn’t it convenient? Well, you can thank Alexa for that.

Set Reminders & Never Miss Important Plans:

If you tend to forget plans like Joey Tribbiani and blame those stupid long sleeves, then calm down. Alexa will help you avoid such situations as it makes setting reminders as easy as it is to ask her to set a reminder. Literally, it is as easy as it sounds, and you can set the reminder just using the easy sound of, “Alexa, remind me to call Alex at 6 in the evening”. 

Call Someone

Getting your phone out of your pocket or reaching out to your phone on the table to call someone is the thing of the past in the year 2021. If you know even the basic Amazon Alexa features, then you are already familiar with the feature to call someone with the help of Alexa. You can ask Alexa to call anyone from your saved contact list, and it is that simple. Alexa will dial the person and you can enjoy your conversation without going through all the steps to make a call. 

A Perfect Companion for Kitchen

If you are new to cooking, then you can relate to the pain of searching for the recipes in the kitchen on your phone or computer while your hands are already wet or mixed in other ingredients. Do you actually need to worry about it when you have Alexa with you? Of course no, you can ask Alexa to search for easy recipes without the need to touch your phone or computer. Alexa will not only help you with the recipe, but it can also help you with the exact quantity of ingredients required for your recipe.

Book Your Uber Ride

The city commuters are often in a hurry while getting out of their home because of their busy lifestyle. In such hurries, every second becomes very important. For the times you need to reach someplace really fast and you are running out of time, you can ask Alexa to book a Uber ride for you. You can utilize this time to get ready and prepare for the important stuff. Alexa will connect with Uber and schedule your ride to your destination in the background.

Plan Your Vacations

Planning for a vacation requires a lot of research and preparation. It might be very hectic to search for different web pages to get information about the different destinations and various aspects related to the trip. If you use Alexa voice commands for all these research and preparations, then your life will be a whole lot easier. 

Talk To Your Pets

It is a very big pain for pet owners to take care of their pets while they are away. If you have pets at your home and you want to make sure that your pet never feels alone even when you are not at your home, Alexa can come really handy in that kind of situation. You can remotely access Alexa from anywhere using your smartphone and enable the meow mode, and Alexa will keep your cat entertained. 

Feed Your Pet

Talking to pets was great but Alexa doesn’t stop there only. She goes a step further and can even feed your pet when you are not at home. Well, you will need a smart pet feeder connected to Alexa. But isn’t it great that your pet does not need to be hungry if you are not able to make it on time? You can check the Alexa app for instructions on how to enable pet feeding mode on Alexa. Now you know one more interesting thing about what cool things can Alexa do. 

Plan Your Route

The last thing you want while getting out of your home is being stuck in the traffic for long hours, especially, when you are in a hurry. Well, you can avoid such situations with the help of Alexa voice commands. You can ask Alexa about the fastest route to your destination before you get out on the road. Alexa will give you the fastest route based on the real-time traffic situation to keep you away from a traffic jam.

Shop on Amazon

If you have Alexa and you rely on Amazon for shopping, Alexa can make things easier for you. You can ask Alexa to order anything you want from Amazon and Alexa will do it for you saving a lot of your time. Alexa can also reorder anything that you ordered from your order history on Amazon. She suggests similar products related to the products that you ordered in your past to make shopping easier for you. 

Plan Your Day Efficiently

The best way to stay productive is to plan everything in advance. It becomes very tough to manage your to-do list as you have to reach out to your phone to add something to the list. You guessed it right, Amazon Alexa features have got you covered there also. You can ask Alexa to add a task to your list, and she will do it without the need to reach out to the phone physically. Let things be managed virtually with the help of a virtual assistant. 

Play Games With You

Another popular feature using the Alexa voice commands is that you can ask Alexa to play games with you. The situation comes where you are getting bored at home being alone for long hours. Alexa can help you freshen up by playing games with you. You can ask Alexa to play a game and you are good to go. We leave the choice of games on you, but playing Soccer won’t be a great idea.

Stay Updated With The Latest Events 

Watching the news on TV is one more thing that is going out of the fashion in 2021. If you are thinking about the newspaper, then we think you are going in the minority population worldwide. Alexa can help you stay updated with the latest events around you while you are doing the laundry or in the kitchen. We think the kitchen will not be a great idea as Alexa is telling you about the recipes there, so decide the timing on your own as we are only responsible for the ideas.

Narrate Bedtime Stories

If you are someone who likes listening to bedtime stories and does not want to use your phone as it affects the sleep quality, you can rely on Alexa for the same. Alexa can narrate some of the best stories from your favorite genre to help you fall asleep. We again will not talk about the choice of stories, as we do not want to get very personal.

Wake You Up

You think Amazon Alexa features are limited to help you fall asleep only, then you are not correct and we win. Bad jokes apart, if you are already on your bed and you forgot to set the alarm, you can ask Alexa to set an alarm for you. You can also ask Alexa to wake you up with your favorite music. That sounds like a great idea to start your day in a charming mood.

These were some of the best Alexa tips to help you understand what cool things can Alexa do. If you already knew them, then revision is not a bad idea. We really hope it helped you learn some of the new Amazon Alexa features. Enjoy your time with your Alexa and explore your favorite Alexa voice commands. One bonus tip, you can also change the name of Alexa to your favorite name to personalize your assistant. 

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